Friday, 27 September 2013

A World In Making: Cities Craft Design

A World In Making: Cities Craft Design, edited by Suzie Attiwill
ISSN 2200-6931 (Print version) $25.00 (GST inclusive)
ISSN 1837-445X (Online)
Published September 2013Citation url:

Cover image: Urban Metabolism Series, Melbourne, 2009, referenced in the paper ‘Jewellery, the urban milieu and emergence’, by Jacqui Chan.
Photograph: Jacqui Chan

Thursday, 26 September 2013

A World in Making:Cities Craft Design Issue 5 coming soon

Tokyo Void,  A World in Making: Cities Craft Design craft design enquiry journal  No 5

The fifth issue of craft + design enquiry,  "Worlds In Making: Cities Craft Design" is edited by Suzie Attiwill.   This issue explores the intersect between craft and design and the urban environment. NOW LIVE and can be downloaded or printed on demand at:    ANU E Press

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