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Current Calls for Papers for issue #6, 2014
Calls for Papers  closing on 30 June 2013 

Call for  New OPEN Section

craft + design enquiry has introduced a  new OPEN section to complement the THEMED section in each issue of the journal.  The OPEN section will publish selected papers on any aspect of contemporary craft and design research. All papers submitted to the OPEN section will be peer-reviewed in accordance with existing craft + design enquiry procedures. Papers will be selected to go forward for peer-reviewing on submission of a completed paper. Submission closing date:  30 June 2013 for publication in c+de#6 (2014)
For further information, a Submission Lodgement Form and Author Guidelines contact jenny.deves@anu.edu.au

Call for Themed Section  -  Craft · Material · Memory
Guest edited by Anne Brennan and Patsy Hely

Craft is often invoked as an antidote to change, its materials and practices described and inscribed in terms of continuity and tradition. However, this is a comparatively recent idea that has its roots in the turbulent moment of the Industrial Revolution, a way of negotiating and at times resisting the huge economic, social and cultural changes that were sweeping Europe at the time. Some argue that we are currently experiencing a similar period of profound upheaval as we grapple with the implications of climate change, globalisation and the impact of the information revolution on our societies and cultures. Perhaps it is no coincidence that this period of change is mirrored by a resurgence of interest in relationships between craft and memory, particularly in relation to the specific histories of certain practices, and also to the histories and experiences of individuals. This issue of craft + design enquiry invites papers that will re-examine and re-evaluate relationships between craft, materials and memory at a time of global change.
One possible thread of enquiry might address material histories, engaging with the way in which the histories, usages and even composition and production of traditional craft materials has shifted and changed over time. What might be the implications of these shifts and changes, and how have contemporary political, social, cultural and environmental exigencies shaped the way in which such materials are made, used and considered today?
Another thread of enquiry might explore relationships between craft and the archive. As museums and archives shift and change in response to the contemporary world, new ways of viewing objects and different interpretive strategies are constantly in play. Craft and design scholarship has expanded considerably over the last decades. How are crafted objects in collections being differently interpreted and understood in the light of these changes?
A third line of enquiry might attend to relationships between craft, memory and individual histories. Autobiographical strategies on the part of both makers and writers about craft developed as a way of undermining the imposition of the aesthetic priorities of the fine arts on craft, and as a way of investing craft’s objects with meanings that recognise the way in which objects circulate through lives and cultures. The editors are particularly interested in papers that re-evaluate and re-imagine these strategies, in particular papers that question some of the more comforting connections that have been made between craft’s histories and practices and autobiography as the locus of an unproblematic and idealised past.
— Anne Brennan and Patsy Hely, Editors craft + design enquiry #6

          Anne Brennan is an artist and writer and the head of the Art Theory Workshop of the ANU School of Art. A founding member of Gray Street Workshop, she has written extensively on the visual arts, craft and design. Her research interests encompass the ways in which private and public memories coalesce in institutions such as the memorial and the archive. She has undertaken a number of projects in archives and museums, including Secure the Shadow at the Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney, with Anne Ferran in 1995 and Archives and the Everyday at the Australian War Memorial in 1996. She is currently engaged in a writing project about memory and place.
          Patsy Hely is an academic and artist working in the field of ceramics and is Convenor of the Graduate Coursework and Honours programmes at the ANU School of Art. Her work is held in many national public collections, in the V & A (London) and in the Musee de   Mariemont (Belgium); she has exhibited widely in Australia and in a number of countries internationally. Her PhD, 'Ceramics and the Articulation of Place', was awarded in 2007 and           she is currently engaged in a project investigating early Australian ceramic objects and ideas about place and identity. She has worked at a number of institutions, including Sydney University Tin Sheds, the College of Fine Arts (COFA) and Southern Cross University.

Steps to submitting a paper to the themed section of  c+de#6

This issue of craft + design enquiry will be published by ANU E Press mid 2014. The Call for Papers closes on 30 June 2013.
Step 1: Anne Brennan and Patsy Hely (guest editors) ask contributors to submit an abstract from now until 30 April 2013. They will respond promptly to contributors about their proposed papers. Send your abstract to jenny.deves@anu.edu.au
Step 2: Following advice from the guest editors, contributors are required to complete and submit their final papers by 30 June 2013. Email jenny.deves@anu.edu.au  for a Submission Lodgement Form to be submitted with your paper.

Further information and Guidelines for Authors may be obtained from jenny.deves@anu.edu.au

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